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Onyx Onyx
Onyx is a a predominantly black and white banded variety of Chalcedony of the quartz group. It is believed to promote self-control. Helps one to make wise decisions. Assists in the grieving process.
Peridote Peridot
A silicate in colours of bottle green, olive green, greeny yellow or colourless. Used as a healing stone for thousands of years it is a good protecting stone. Believed to have good cleansing properties it stimulates the liver removing toxins.
Pyrite Pyrite
A sulphide which is golden metallic which is where it gets its nickname of 'fools gold'. It encourages self realisation and inspires leadership. Pyrite 'suns' are thought to alleviate headaches.
Rhodonite Rhodonite
A silicate which is pink with black patches and veins. It is an emotional balancer helping us to remain clear and conscious under pressure. Believed to strengthen the heart and circulation as well as encouraging fertility in both sexes.
Rock Crystal Rock Crystal
Of the quartz group it is a clear pure crystal quartz. It is an excellent channeller for healing as it receives, contains, amplifies and transmits energy. When used with other crystals it enhances their effectiveness. Good for the brain and soul it is believed to fortify the nerves and stimulate the glands.
Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
A member of the quartz group it is pink in colour. Known as the 'love stone' it is a powerful healing stone. Eases tension and stress and heals problems in matters of the heart. It is also believed to fortify the sexual organs and increases fertility.