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Labradorite Labradorite
Of the feldspar family is grey to green with irridescent colours. It cushions ones aura and strengthens intuition and mediumistic abilities. It is also believed to alleviate colds, rheumatic illnesses and gout.
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
A mineral of the Silicate Group containing primarily Lazurite, Calcite and Pyrite - the distinctive blue colour due to the Lazurite. A stone for acquiring wisdom and esoteric knowledge. Awareness, attunement, intuition and psychic ability. Stone of mental protection.

Lepidolite Lepidolite
Belonging to the mica group it is pink to pink violet. It's high lithium content is an excellent balancer and bestows calm and inner peace. It also helps with sleep disorders and is thought to help with nerve pains, sciatica and neuralgia.
Malachite Malachite
Basic Copper Carbonate. Banded in various shades of green from deep emerald green to a light green, it is a stone of balance and transformation. Stimulates intuitive power, making one more open to change and advancement. It is believed to allow for insight into emotional factors that may be manifesting as physical illness.
Moonstone Moonstone
Belonging to the feldspar family it is colourless or milky white to brownish with a pearly sheen or blueish shimmer. It is associated with intuition, feelings and fertility with the emphasis on fertility and childbearing.
Obsidian Obsidian
An oxide it is opaque black, brown, silvery or iridescent. Black obsidian is used as a meditation stone as it expands the consciousness and purifies the atmosphere ridding it of negative spiritual influences. Snowflake or mahogany obsidian is believed to improve the circulation while smoky obsidian is thought to alleviate pain.